As I mentioned previously, my natural tendency towards being obsessed with anything and everything has reared its dogged head once again, resulting in a new fixation with FEATHERS. I seriously love 'em. What I once condemned as tacky, is now something I can't get enough of.
As many of you have probably gathered, I'm really not into understated. Well, it's not that I can't appreciate simplicity, I just can't pull it off myself, unfortunately. So, when I spot the hu-uuuuge Native-American-esque headdresses on the Internet, I practically drool all over my keyboard. (Attractive, I know!)
C'mon! Look at them! 
The gorgeous Giselle!

I love the vibe they give to whatever it is that you're wearing (not that it would even be noticed with one of these babies crushing your skull!). They exude confidence and frivolity like nothing else. And nothing screams 'festival season' like them either.
However, back in reality, I seriously doubt that I would strut about in public wearing half an ostrich, so I really can't warrant purchasing one. However! My addiction to all things feathery can still be satisfied with the help of the lovely Rouge Pony Boutique on Asos Marketplace. Their shop is like a little boutique from Wonderland - flower crowns, dream-catcher necklaces and tribal neckpieces everywhere, it's the closest you get to a fairytale.
Isn't it dreeeamy? :D
I vow it shall be mine one day.

But for now, I shall leave you with a picture of more feathers and some naked guys. What more could you want? ;D

P.S. I got Formspring today! Ask me stuff! (:


  1. Hi Scotty! I found your blog through Lookbook, its awesome! Im following now :)
    Come check out mine if you like! :)

  2. I love it. Women in feather headdresses are soooo sexy!

  3. Omg it's so Cool! I'v always one it was also real cool I'm moonrise kingdom favorite movie.

  4. ahaha that's me third down, cheers lol :)

    1. Ahaha! Cool! I can credit you now! Gorgeous photo, by the way! (: x

    2. so you can tell where did you get that headdress?!?!??!?!? :)

  5. where can i get something like that? i would say exactly like second. third and forth headdress?