About Me

My name is Scotty Hollywood and I'm a 20-year old student and style blogger from Ireland. I'm short, a little forgetful and eternally curious (some like to call it 'nosy'), and have unusual fixations with all things soft, sparkly or tartan. I have been in love with fashion ever since I could hold a shopping bag and I know that this addiction will prevail until my wallet or my 100-year old bingo wings fail me! When I'm not parading around in dresses, I love drawing, running, taking photos and spend most of my time drinking tea or googling funny cat videos on YouTube!

I really enjoy taking photographs of my world and created this blog to show them to others. Kitten as a Cat is basically just a space for me to record my thoughts and creations and share them with anyone who is interested enough to read them. Between dreamy wishlists, reviews of my favourite products and trends, outfit posts and (perhaps) the occasional tutorial, I'm sure you'll find something that tickles your fancy!

I started my blog simply to indulge my preoccupation with putting outfits together, but I have since discovered so many other reasons for blogging. It keeps me happy, teaches me new things, introduces me to like-minded and inspiring people and also serves as my very own time capsule. Kitten as a Cat has become my creative outlet and, as it is substantially less expensive than a therapist, will continue to hold an important place in my life! (;

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